Highland Heights Baptist Church Benton, AR
May 11, 2008


Brent, you guys really captured my little granddaughter's heart, and getting to meet you and hear you sing in concert this morning meant more to her than you could imagine! Even at 4, she knows well who Jesus is and loves to hear you sing about him and will sing with you on "Oh What A Savior" and some of the others you all sing. It amazes all of us how she can learn the words so quickly! Thank you Brent!  She also enjoys hearing Kenneth & Landon sing! 

Harold was really looking forward to coming with us today, but as Taylor will tell you, Jesus just wanted him to come home and live with him so he could be well again and not hurt when he breathes anymore.  She really misses her Poppy though! She's grasping quickly what you are singing about and the message you are getting out and I thank God for you guys! You are doing an outstanding job and God will bless you abundantly!  

Someday I hope she will be at one of your concerts and "Walk down that aisle"!

In Christian Love,

Debby Smith